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ABB offers a full range of automation products like programmable logic controllers.

ABB is the supplier of choice for small equipment control applications to complex systems like web presses and distributed systems. ABB's PLCs are some of the fastest and most reliable available.


ABB‘s System 800xA DCS, Compact HMI can be used in diverse industries, ranging from a single operator workstation with50 signals and scale up to applications with several thousand signals and workplaces.Itis designed to the Windows standard of interaction, supplemented with an information-centric object structure, to reflect the information in a plant. Compact HMI can not only directly interface to a large number of OPC-compliant controllers but also it comes with built in drivers to connect to major PLCs.

With our Smart Client technologyyou can quickly and easily remotely access real time plant data on your office PC analyze it directly, and then create a wide variety of reports.


  • ABB CP400 HMI
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Product Details:

BrandMaven Automation
TypeFully Automatic

The ABB CP400 HMI series offers highly efficient and effective functionality such as alarm and event management, graphics, animation, macro and Ladder Diagram functionality and recipe management. The range is available from a compact 3" monochrome version up to a large 10.4" color TFT display. RS232 & 485 Modbus are standard communications options across the whole range with Ethernet being available on most products. Other options include Ethernet plus CF Memory card slots and USB ports. Most models are available in either STN or TFT screen format. Hot IP Swap functionality: the panel will switch transparently from one PLC to another in the event of communication loss, with the active PLC ensuring a better sustainability of your installations and offering a permanent operational system. Available on the panel Ethernet version, this function is standardized for the whole range and is easy to configure with direct IP address-changing. Users can also manually select their own communication channel directly on the display. By creating a single program that you can duplicate on several PLCs, you will save memory and development time.

CP400 HMI:
  • CP410M
  • CP420B
  • CP430B
  • CP440C-ETH
  • CP450T
  • CP450T-ETH
  • CP415M
  • CP430BP
  • CP435T
  • CP430BP-ETH
  • CP430T
  • CP430T-ETH
  • CP435T-ETH

CP400 HMI Software:

  • CP400Soft

CP400 HMI Cables:

  • TK401
  • TK402
  • TK403
  • TK404
  • TK405
  • TK406
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AC500 Extreme PLC

AC500 Extreme PLC
  • AC500 Extreme PLC
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Product Details:

BrandMaven Automation
MPU points12

With the AC500 Extreme PLC, range we provide a reliable and powerful platform to design and create scalable, cost-effective and flexible automation solutions.


  • The scalability of the AC500 PLCs is achieved by offering a large variety of devices to design and implement configurations suitable for simple control tasks or complex automation solutions.
  • The AC500 PLC provides action flexibility with one integrated software.

  • The AC500 PLC range consists of various CPUs, I/O modules, communication modules, communication interface modules and accessories.
  • The “all modules used on any CPUs concept” in combination with our life cycle policy helps our customers to react quickly, flexibly and economically on new requirements.

  • Our AC500 is designed to offer the needed easiness, security and reliability to expand the automation system to new challenges.
  • The memory, performance and the networking capabilities mean more functionality, advanced visualization, more operating comfort – for even better individual customer solutions.

AC500 EXTREME PLC CPU Processors:

  • PM573-ETH-XC
  • PM582-XC
  • PM583-ETH-XC
  • PM591-ETH-XC
  • PM592-ETH-XC

Terminal Base for EXTREME CPU Processors:

  • TB511-ETH-XC
  • TB521-ETH-XC
  • TB541-ETH-XC

AC500 EXTREME Coupler Modules:

  • CM572-DP-XC
  • CM577-ETH-XC
  • CM578-CN-XC
  • CM579-PNIO-XC
  • CM588-CN-XC
  • DC541-CM-XC

AC500 EXTREME Expansion Modules:

  • DI524-XC
  • DC532-XC
  • DC523-XC
  • DC522-XC
  • DX522-XC
  • AX522-XC
  • AX521-XC
  • AO523-XC
  • AI523-XC
  • AI531-XC
  • DA501-XC
  • CD522-XC

Terminal Units for EXTREME Expansion Modules:

  • TU516-XC
  • TU532-XC
AC500 EXTREME De Central Slave Modules
  • DC551-CS31-XC
  • CI501-PNIO-XC
  • CI502-PNIO-XC
  • CI590-CS31-HA-XC
  • CI592-CS31-XC
  • CI504-PNIO-XC
  • CI506-PNIO-XC
  • CI541-DP-XC
  • CI542-DP-XC
  • CI581-CN-XC
  • CI582-CN-XC

Terminal Units for EXTREME De central slave Modules:

  • TU552-CS31-XC
  • TU510-XC
  • TU518-XC
  • TU508-ETH-XC
  • TU520-ETH-XC

AC500 PLC Extreme Accessories:

  • TA535
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AC500 eCo PLC System

AC500 eCo PLC System
  • AC500 eCo PLC System
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Product Details:

Mounting TypePanel
BrandMaven Automation

AC500-eCo Series Controllers:

  • ABB's Programmable Logic Controller AC500-eCo is an economical entry level PLC for stand-alone solutions and equipment control.

Features OF ABB PLC Model No. ACS500 ECO:

  • Programming software based on international standard IEC 61131-3
  • Complete range of S500 I/O can be connected, from the most basic to most advanced modules
  • Supports decentralized I/O modules through CS31 bus if more than 7 local modules are needed
  • Integrated visualization tool simplifies the operation of small applications
  • Re-use of custom-made function block
  • Retains data without battery
  • User program can be downloaded via SD card without using programming tool
  • Removable connectors simplify product replacement

Cost efficient solution:

  • Economical entry level for PLC stand-alone solutions
  • Space saving solution due to onboard digital and analog I/O
  • Hardware and software are compatible with the AC500 family
  • High reliability design reduces maintenance costs

Time saving solution:

  • Easy to program - select from 6 programming languages
  • Graphical diagnostics means shorter commissioning time
  • Easy to upgrade as your needs grow

Cost efficient solution:

  • Economical entry level for PLC stand-alone solutions
  • Space saving solution due to onboard digital and analog I/O
  • Hardware and software are compatible with the AC500 family
  • High reliability design reduces maintenance costs

AC500 eCo PLC CPU Processors:
  • PM554-T
  • PM554-T-ETH
  • PM554-R
  • PM554-R-AC
  • PM564-T
  • PM564-T-ETH
  • PM564-R
  • PM564-R-ETH
  • PM564-R-ETH-AC
  • PM564-R-AC

AC500 eCo PLC CPU Accessories:

  • MC503
  • TA562-RS
  • TA566
  • TA570
  • TA561-RTC
  • TA562-RS-RTC

AC500 eCo Expansion Modules:

  • AI561
  • AI562
  • AI563
  • AO561
  • AX561
  • DC561
  • DI561
  • DI562
  • DI571
  • DO561
  • DO571
  • DO572
  • DX561
  • DX571

AC500 eCo Expansion Module Front Connectors:

  • L44440901501
  • L44441101501
  • L44460901501
  • L44461101501
  • L44470901501
  • L44471101501
  • TA563-9
  • TA563-11
  • TA564-9
  • TA564-11
  • TA565-9
  • TA565-11

AC500 eCo PLC CPU Programming Cables:
  • TK503
  • TK504
  • TK506

AC500 eCo PLC Starter Kits:

  • TA574-A-R-AC
  • TA574-A-R
  • TA574-A-T
  • TA574-D-T-ETH
  • TA571-SIM

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AC500 PLC System

AC500 PLC System
  • AC500 PLC System
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Product Details:

PLC BrandMaven Automation
Mounting TypePC Board

When it comes to reliability, efficiency and flexibility in safety automation, for over 30 years, ABB has been the partner experts rely on to cover even their most complex AC500 PLC System. Our engineers are known around the globe for their innovative and solid approach aimed at protecting people, machines, processes and the environment.

  • Ideal choice for complex functional safety applications like crane, hoist, robotics, wind turbines etc.
  • Separate safety CPU offers the benefit of safety functions which remain active even when the non-safety control is inactive.
  • Able to handle real number or floating point data type resulting in highly accurate calculations for controlling speed, position etc.
  • Comes with a full range of trigonometric functions often used in precise measurements involved in crane applications.
  • Offers greater flexibility and simplicity due to programming in Structured Text (ST) as well as Function Block Diagram (FBD) and Ladder Diagram (LD).
  • The configuration and programming is done using Automation Builder V1.0 or above with a safety-certified editor in accordance with SIL 3 (IEC 62061) and PL e (ISO 13849).
  • TÜV certified Safety Code Analysis tool (SCA) opens the door to writing well-structured and easily understandable code which dramatically saves your time and money on solution certification efforts.

AC500 PLC V1 CPU Processors:
  • PM581
  • PM581-ETH
  • PM582
  • PM582-ETH
  • PM590
  • PM590-ETH
  • PM591
  • PM591-ETH
AC500 PLC V2 CPU Processors
  • PM572
  • PM573-ETH
  • PM582
  • PM583-ETH
  • PM590-ETH
  • PM591-ETH
  • PM592-ETH

Terminal Base for CPU Processors:

  • TB511-ARCNET
  • TB511-ETH
  • TB521-ARCNET
  • TB521-ETH
  • TB541-ETH

AC500 Coupler Modules:

  • CM572-DP
  • CM574-RS
  • CM574-RCOM
  • CM575-DN
  • CM577-ETH
  • CM578-CN
  • CM579-PNIO
  • CM579-ETHCAT
  • CM588-CN
  • DC541-CM

AC500 Accessories:
  • TA521
  • TA523
  • TA524
  • TA525
  • TA526
  • TA527
  • TA528
  • MC502

AC500 Expansion Modules:

  • DI524
  • DC532
  • DC523
  • DC522
  • DX531
  • DX522
  • AX522
  • AX521
  • AO523
  • AI523
  • AI531
  • DA501
  • CD522

Terminal Units for Expansion Modules:

  • TU516
  • TU515
  • TU532
  • TU531

AC500 De Central Slave Modules:

  • DC505-FBP
  • DC551-CS31
  • CI501-PNIO
  • CI502-PNIO
  • CI511-ETHCAT
  • CI512-ETHCAT
  • CI590-CS31-HA
  • CI592-CS31
  • CI504-PNIO
  • CI506-PNIO
  • CI541-DP
  • CI542-DP
  • CI581-CN
  • CI582-CN

Terminal Units for De central slave Modules:

  • TU506
  • TU505
  • TU552-CS31
  • TU551-CS31
  • TU510
  • TU509
  • TU518
  • TU517
  • TU508-ETH
  • TU507-ETH
  • TU520-ETH

AC500 PLC Programming Software and Add on Licenses:

  • PS501-PROG
  • PS541-HMI
  • PS501-UPD
  • PS552-MC-ONE
  • PS552-MC-ALL

AC500 PLC Programming Cables:
  • TK501
  • TK502

AC500 PLC Training Kit:

  • TA512-BAS
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  • ABB CP600 HMI
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Product Details:

BrandMaven Automation
PhaseSingle phase

Versatile Visualization for Productivity with Design - the ABB CP600 HMI range is dedicated for machines and systems requiring visualization performance or representative design.
The CP600-WEB range offers the same robustness and design like CP600, while the visualization is based on the web server of the AC500 PLC platform. This can provide cost advantages. Common features CP600 and CP600-WEB

  • Each range provides seven TFT 65,536 color touch screens from 4.3” to 15”.
  • 16:9 wide screen and 4:3 panels. 16:9 offers large area for HMI pages in compact space.
  • Dimming including black screen, to maintain dark operator position.
  • Aluminum case with IP66 front plate, very robust, appealing design.
  • High performance 32-bit-controller.
  • Ethernet interface with switch for easy cabling and comfortable programming.
  • SD-Card for memory extension, screen saver slide show, backup and installation.
  • Two USB host interfaces for external keyboard, mouse and above functions of the SD-Card.
  • Clock/calendar, backup battery.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • EN 61131-2 operating voltage range from 18…32 V DC, general use 10…32 V DC.
  • cUL, UL class 1 div 2, DNV, C-Tick, GL.
  • Fixing brackets included for fast installation in cut-out.

About CP600:
  • Serial interface, configurable as RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485.
  • Printer support for serial or USB interfaces.
  • Compatible printers use PCL5 or ESC/P2 printer control languages.
  • Engineering tool Panel Builder 600 with WYSIWYG, Drag and Drop.
  • 3D Scalable Vector Graphics SVG, free graphic widgets in large gallery.
  • ABB drivers for effortless integration with ABB AC500 PLC platform, ABB Drives, ABB Motion controllers, ABB Robots IRC5, ABB Pluto.
  • Drivers for Modbus RTU and TCP.
  • Three internet remote access techniques, plus FTP, SNTP, RSS.
  • Data transfer function to convert between protocols and interfaces like a gateway.
  • Web cam and video playback for CP651, CP661, CP665 and CP676.
  • Binary project file download to control panel with Panel Builder 600 over Ethernet.

About CP600-WEB:
  • Connects to PLC via intranet or internet for remote connection, running HTTP protocol on Ethernet interface.
  • Web visualization is designed with Automation Builder.
  • Visualization can be created during development and system integration phases.
  • Visualization becomes part of the PLC binary. This single binary helps to make software distribution and version management more comfortable.
  • Variables of controller and visualization are within the same project.
  • To control details of the visualization, IEC61131-3 languages can be used instead of JavaScript.
  • When integration is finished, the visualization screens can be easily reused for GUIs of operations.
  • CP600-WEB is ideal for projects with a few identical machines.

CP600 HMI:

  • CP620
  • CP620-WEB
  • CP630
  • CP630-WEB
  • CP635
  • CP635-B
  • CP635-WEB
  • CP650
  • CP650-WEB
  • CP660
  • CP660-WEB
  • CP675
  • CP675-WEB
CP600 HMI Software
  • PB610

CP600 HMI Cables:

  • TK681
  • TK682
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